Banana Spring Rolls

This one is for reader Heather, who asked for more dessert recipes to satisfy her sweet tooth without veering into sugar-land.

It’s also for my son’s friend Tessa, who loooves banana spring rolls – I make them for her each time she visits. Bon appetit, Heather and Tessa!

I developed this recipe after we ate banana spring rolls at the now-defunct Red Door restaurant on South Granville Street in Vancouver. My son enjoyed them so much that I was inspired to try and recreate them at home.

When cooked, the banana gains extra sweetness, making this a satisfying sugar-free treat. The spring rolls also make a crispy contrast to the fluffy, almost custardy texture of the cooked banana.

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Creamy Chocolate Pudding

Dessert – a perennial problem on a sugar-free Paleo diet! Fruit’s always an option, of course, but what if you’re craving chocolate?

This fast and easy pudding lets you pay homage to the goddess Theobroma* and still eat healthily.

My husband and I find the creamy chocolatey-ness very satisfying on its own, so I make this without any added sweeteners.

However, if you’re transitioning to sugar-free, you could add any of the following: Continue reading “Creamy Chocolate Pudding”

Paleo Pancakes

These fluffy pancakes contain no added sugars, but still taste delicious thanks to the natural sweetness of plantains or bananas. They’re a bit on the carby side, so we have them now and then as a treat.

The recipe’s based on Perfect Paleo Pancakes, with a few tweaks. You can have them for breakfast, or as a dessert. I prefer the latter, because protein-rich breakfasts work best for me.

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