What I believe

I believe your body is a miracle that it’s your privilege to live in and care for. How healthy it is determines the quality of your days here on earth.

I believe it’s your birthright to enjoy the lean, energetic body that you were originally issued with, and that quitting sugar is one of the biggest steps you can take towards achieving that.

I believe you should be able to live free of sugar cravings. You shouldn’t have to think about any of the following:

  • Wondering what people will think if you take the last brownie
  • Knowing at all times where the stash of Halloween Snickers is
  • Your secret plan to eat chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream tonight, because you had either
    • A bad day (you need comfort food!)
    • A good day (you need to celebrate!)

I believe everyone should know that permanently quitting sugar is possible, and how to do it.

I believe that future generations will look back with amused horror on “those years when people thought it was OK to eat sugar,” just as we look back on “those years when people thought it was OK to smoke.”

On this site, I’ll share

Please note: I’m not a health professional. If you’re diabetic, or if you have any other health concerns that might be impacted by giving up sugar, please talk to your doctor or healthcare professional.